It seemed like a normal St. Patrick’s Day at the Hopping Toad Tavern in Corvallis Oregon. Everyone wearing green, drinking green beer and having a great time. There was some festively appropriate live music and lots of dancing. Suddenly everyone was blinded by piercing white light and an instantaneous split-second migraine. At the same time, the lights were out, and nothing electric was working…

Getting Started (8-5-10)

What I would like for everyone to do is develop a character. We’ll be using Harnmaster rules, but not the setting. There are of course, some guidelines; all the characters need to be in Corvallis for some reason. They need to be in a bar The Hopping Toad no later than 6pm (PST) and there needs to be something about them (ie: occupation, hobby, personality trait etc.) that would help them survive. Just a few pointers, the older you are, the more skills you’ll be good at (and probably have) however, you will also have a much more difficult time dealing with, and adapting to, The Change. There is a mechanic, not in Harnmaster Core, that I will be implementing to help keep things more balanced. So what you think may be the perfect character may end up dieing first, this is to encourage you to make balanced characters. the main reason I am giving so much freedom is I trust you all to not break your characters (though it would really be rather difficult to successfully do so). As I think of more to put here, I’ll add it. Have fun!

The Change

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